Our Commercial Production is second to none in the area, after all, we shoot everything in High Definition!  Our rates are as follows:

Meeting 1: Layout - We get your ideas and together we come up with a strategy and feel for your commercial before we ever even shoot something, this way you know exactly what you are getting!

Price: Complimentary!

Meeting 2: Shooting - We come to the designated shooting locations and shoot the footage for your video.

Price: $150 an hour, 1 Hour Minimum

Editing: This is where we finish the commercial per the specifications we determined in Meeting 1, but don't worry if it does not feel they way you want, it's your baby, we offer 3 complimentary adjustments.

Price: $150 an hour, 1/2 Hour Minimum

Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos are a great way to call attention to your business, special project or event.

With the nature of these videos, we must meet to discuss all aspects.

First Meeting - Complimentary

Everything there after - Dependent on Project.

Other Video Services

Video Transfer 

            We can transfer any video format to another, whether it’s VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Mini-DV, Beta-Max*, DV, D9, and so on.  Please allow for a 3 week turn-around, quicker turn-arounds can be done, but will have a rush fee of $30 added to total cost.

Transfer Pricing:
To DVD:  $25 an Hour
To VHS:  $20 an Hour

Non-Linear Editing

We offer a variety of editing options to suit what you need; we will first have consultation meeting with you so that no wasted time will be spent on editing your project.  Editing can be a very time consuming venture so this will only aid you in the long run.

Editing Pricing:  $50 an hour; 1 hour minimum.

 Film Transfer

We can also transfer all of your old home film reels!  We can handle Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, Super 8 with Audio, and 16mm.  We can also handle 35mm*.  We can even repair reels and clean it for maximum playback!*

Film Transfer Pricing:
8mm:  To DVD - $.10 a foot <3,000 feet
$.09 a foot >3,000 feet

To VHS - $.08 a foot <3,000 feet
$.07 a foot >3,000 feet

To Mini-DV  - $.10 a foot <3,000 feet
$.09 a foot >3,000 feet

16mm:  To DVD - $.15 a foot <3,000 feet
$.14 a foot >3,000 feet

To VHS - $.13 a foot <3,000 feet
$.12 a foot >3,000 feet

To Mini-DV - $.15 a foot <3,000 feet
$.14 a foot >3,000 feet

35mm:  Determined based on Job.

Film Cleaning Pricing:

8mm - $.05 a foot
16mm - $.08 a foot
5mm – Determined based on Job.


Thinking you need to put in some video equipment but not sure what you need?  We offer on-location consulting for all your needs!  We even can sell the equipment to you.

Consulting - $35 an Hour – 2 Hour Minimum


DVD Copies

Have a DVD that you want copies of?  We’ll happily take on that project!

Copy Pricing - $10 a Copy up to 9
$9 a Copy for 10 or more
$8 a Copy for 20 or more
$7 a copy for 30 or more